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What is a L.V MNS Switchgear?

Low Voltage Switchgear Of Right Choice

L.V MNS Switchgear

L.V MNS Switchgears

✲  Electrical Treasure  MNS L.V Draw-out type switchgear is suitable for power plants, substation, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, steel rolling, light industry, textile and other industrial enterprises and residential area, high-rise buildings and other places, as AC 50 ~ 60 Hz, rated voltage up to and AC 660 v power system of power distribution equipment of electrical energy conversion, distribution and control purposes.
✲ Structural Characteristics 

  • MNS with modular structure of the basic framework of whole structure framework through
    L.V MNS Switchgear2

    L.V MNS Switchgear2

    galvanized processing, by tapping screw or 8.8 hexagon screws and self tapping screw fastening connection each other into the basic framework, and then the need to change according to the plan, and combined with the corresponding door, sealing plate, diaphragm, mounting bracket, and busbar, functional units and other parts, assembled into a complete device.

  • MNS parts size, the size of the compartment within the modular (modulus E = 25 mm), composed of five basic drawer unit, as shown in the table below:

✲   Five kinds of Drawer Units

Drawer type

8 E/4 8 E/2 8 E 16 E 24E
Accommodate Unit Number 36 18 9 4


  • MNS adoption of frame structure with high flexibility, there would be no need for maintenance structure once assembled. Cabinet put oneself in another’s position can be installed in different standard components, in order to meet various application requirements.Due to the whole system including electrical structure adopts the modular design, the optimization of structural design meet the requirements of the various components, and is suitable for various working environment and achieve the corresponding protection grade.
  • MNS compared with traditional products, has more advantages:
    1)  Structure is compact, save the volume of cabinet put oneself in another’s position
    2)  Cabinet put oneself in another’s position can be arranged back to back
    3)  Power distribution circuit arrangement of the economy
    4)  All use standard components for design engineering designers
    5)  Whole series of standardization
    6)  Cabinet put oneself in another’s position can work according to the different environmental requirements and design the corresponding protection grade
    7)  In a cabinet put oneself in another’s position are free to install different types of functional components, such as: stationary components and withdrawable component
    8)  Equipment update improvement is convenient
    9)  Equipment operation continuity and high reliability.

10) Operating personnel guarantee personal safety


✲  Technical Parameters

  • Rated insulation voltage:        660 V (1000)
  • Rated working voltage:          380 v (660 v)
  • Rated current:                      

                                           Level Bus: 6300 A 
                                           Vertical Bus :2000 A

  • Rated short-time resistance current RMS (1 s)/peak:
                                 Level Busbar:  100/220 Ka  
                                 Vertical Bus :   80/176 Ka
  • Protection grade:                    IP30/40
  • Shape dimension:

                      Recommended Height: 2200 mm
                      Recommended Width: 400,600,800,1000,1200 mm
                      Recommend   Deep:800,1000,1200 mm
                      Modulus E = 25 mm


What is a L.V MNS Switchgear?

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