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   Timoo|Buried – Box Substation Parsing


With the speeding up of city modernization, the municipal construction on the street, the city, urban beauty of districts demand is higher and higher.


Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation

Traditional Box-Type Substation, strewn at random city gold ground disorderly diverted, and beautiful city environment gradually appears very not harmonious.

At the same time, Urban planning, road traffic, public facilities construction, more and more is also high to the requirement of electrical  power equipment.

In order to meet the requirements of the above areas, SZET with the market development trends, development, design, manufacture of electric equipment with patented product – Timoo|Buried – Box Substation, with its unique technology and comprehensive economic advantage is gradually accepted by urban power distribution market.

Timoo|Buried – Box Substation variable advantages as follows:

A)  Occupy Less Surface Area

  • Timoo|Buried – Box Substation, using two layer structure, the underground part area< 6 m ², the above ground area < 3 m².Installation in the commercial block, garden, sidewalks, green belts,save urban land resources in an increasingly tense.
  • Traditional Box-Type Substation covers an area of at least 10-20 m², special transformer room is more likely to cover an area of 70-100 m².
  • Real estate development projects, can reduce the area and the construction cost, etc., more can improve the artistic style of residential area.

B)   High Safety and Reliability

  • Timoo|Buried – Box Substation, close to the load center installation and reduce power supply radius.Reduce the number of low voltage cable to use. reduce the equipment failure rate.
  • Timoo|Buried – Box Substation, the aerospace technology,increased the double seal, insulation technology, shield connection mode, all of them, and the overall protection grade IP68 standard.
  • Buried Transformer for the waterproof and drainage system design, guarantee against flood disaster .Can be submerged in the water run for 48 hours, will not reduce the reliability of urban distribution network power supply. Strictly by【National Quality Testing Center of High and Low Voltage Electrical 】product certification.
  • High voltage part configuration current-limiting plug-in and backup fuse, in transformer failure occurs, quickly cut off, shall not affect the whole line running.
  • Buried Transformer installed under the ground, and on the ground only High &Low voltage power distribution cabinets, metering device. Greatly improved the safety of the equipment.
  • Timoo|Buried – Box Substation, equipped with three layers of door structure, even if the shell is destroyed, will not affect the internal electric operation, ensure the stable and continuous power supply.
  • Timoo|Buried – Box Substation, achieve unattended, free maintenance, effectively improve the safety and reliability of the power supply system, save human resource cost.

C)   Fashion and Beautiful Shape

  • Timoo|Buried – Box Substation, the ground part of the integrated advertising light boxes designed landscape media type.
  • Saving land resources at the same time, the impact on the surrounding environment beautification and coordinating role, to reduce the visual pollution, increase the city charm, promote the city image, has beautification adornment effect.

D)   Low Carbon&Environmental Protection

  • Traditional Box-Type Substation are installed on the ground, equipment operation with the noise, electromagnetic radiation, such as pollution, harm the environment and the human body.
  • Timoo|Buried – Box Substation, buried underground transformer parts, effective separation equipment running noise, underground foundation part of the special design at the same time, the electromagnetic radiation shielding the transformer, to eliminate the influence of people’s physical and mental. Protect the ecological, beautify the environment.l

E)   Free Maintenance

  • Traditional Box-Type Substation, transformer usually adopt Oil-Immersed or Dry-Type, need dust on a regular basis in order to ensure the cleanliness, ventilation cooling fan also need regular maintenance of transformer.
  • Timoo|Buried – Box Substation, buried transformer adopts full insulation, whole sealing, low temperature rise, low loss of oil-immersed transformer, improve the ventilation cooling system, waterproof, etc., has a reliable guarantee, don’t need to do a regular maintenance.

F)   Media Advertising Performance


Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation

  • Timoo|Buried – Box Substation, above ground parts, the landscape design media type, all-weather advertising light boxes or electronic display, can display the current events, municipal information or product propaganda, etc.
  • Provides users with a perennial all-weather advertising platform, can be recycled construction investment cost year by year.

G)  High Comprehensive Benefit

  • Timoo|Buried – Box Substation, small floor area, location and convenient installation, maintenance free operation.
  • Close to power load center installation, effectively reduce the length of the low voltage cable, save a large number of low voltage cable wire, reduce electricity line loss.
  • landscape media type advertisement picture part of the ground, beautify the city, the urban surroundings at the same time, also can get advertising revenue.Good comprehensive benefits.

Timoo|Buried – Box Substation

Urban Construction Fashion Trends

Timoo|Buried – Box Substation Parsing

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