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(Buried Box-Type Substation)


   Applicability and Increase Wealth

   Low Carbon Environmental Protection


  • Timoo _ Buried Box-Type Substation, independent patent, high-tech and unique trademark brand products.Also called Landscape Box-type Substation, Advertising Light Box Type Box, Half Buried Type Landscape Box-Type Substation, etc.
  • Unique, novel structure of underground waterproof transformer and HV&LV electrical equipment, advertising light boxes of two great systems of the earth, is done in the factory assembly in advance of complete sets of electrical equipment.
  • Professional design concept, superb production technology and adapted to power grid performance, effectively solve the rainproof outdoor electrical equipment (wet), heat dissipation and intelligent problems.
  • Solve the external power supply, ensure the safety of electricity, reliable performance. Eliminate all kinds of unsafe factors caused by internal fault. Safety, reliability and applicability are beyond the traditional similar products.
  • Applicable to the city (area) business transformation, street lamp (bus) engineering, such as municipal construction, as well as high-grade residential, commercial, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. Is an ideal for new type of energy-saving, environmental protection electrical complete sets of equipment.
  • Power transformer,HV&LV electrical equipment, power lines buried underground, all hidden at the bottom of our natural life, like blood vessels under the skin nourishing life quietly, only let people see the beautiful appearance, and therefore no harmful effect on the surrounding environment.
  • Use of advertising light boxes, “cover” live with type transformer substation, beautify the environment, to create value, improve the street districts of high-tech products.

Timoo Application Cases

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