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VS1 The Application of H.V Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB)

                                 Cheap of H.V Vacuum Circuit Breaker
  • VS1 Vacuum Circuit Breaker-8

    VS1 Vacuum Circuit Breaker-8

    Electrical Treasure,VS1 Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) because its arcing medium and arcing contact after clearance of the insulating medium is high vacuum state。

  • Small volume, light weight, suitable for frequent operation, arcing without maintenance, the advantages of application of common in the distribution network.
  • V Vacuum Circuit Breaker(VCB) is 3 ~ 12 kv, 50/60 hz three-phase AC indoor distribution equipment in the system and is available for industrial and mining enterprises, power plants and substations as protection and control of electrical equipment。
  • Especially suitable for the requirements without oil, less maintenance and the use of frequent operation, configuration in the cupboard, double tank, fixed for control and protection of high voltage electrical equipment in the cupboard
✪  Performance & Characteristics
  • Under the condition of normal use, to ensure safe and reliable operation on the corresponding voltage grade of power grid.
    VS1 Vacuum Circuit Breaker-66

    VS1 Vacuum Circuit Breaker-66

  • Mechanical life 30000 times, full capacity of short-circuit current open circuit times is 50 times, for frequent operations within the scope of working current or more open circuit short circuit current;
  • High reliability. Applicable to various features of reclosing operation;
  • All condition. In all kinds of special environment, the insulation of the vertical tube defense;
  • Free maintenance by solid insulation structure, integrated enclosed column;
  • Complete functions, can be fixed installation, also can use move open, also can be installed on the framework use;
  • Good compatibility, wide universality and standardization, especially suitable for KYN28 -12 use.
✪  Main Structure

    ▷ Polar Column

  • Circuit breaker for cylindrical column design, installed in the bracket of the rear of the operating mechanism of the shell.
  • Circuit breaker a column of conductive partially sealed by epoxy resin sleeve, so as to avoid affected by the impact and the external environment.

    ▷ Structure of the Operating Mechanism

  • Operating mechanism for spring energy storage operation mechanism, a three-phase vacuum arcing chamber operating mechanism operation.
    VS1 Vacuum Circuit Breaker-7

    VS1 Vacuum Circuit Breaker-7

  • Operating mechanism mainly includes two energy storage with tensile spring, closing energy storage device, drive to turn even of each phase arcing chamber plate, arm and break-brake tripping device, in addition, in front of a bar frame is equipped with such as energy storage, tripping device, auxiliary switch, motor and control equipment, switch button, hand machine shaft, energy storage status indicator, break-brake signs etc.
  • Operation mechanism suitable for the operation of the automatic reclosing, and, because of motor energy storage time is short, also can be repeated closing operation.
  • Spring operating mechanism, which has two kinds of hand machine and electric machine energy storage.


VS1 The Application of H.V Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB)

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