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Power Transformer for Power Supply

Select the Correct Power Distribution Transformer For Your Work

  • S13-M-Series-2 What is a transformer ? Power Transformer is the use of the principle of electromagnetic induction, change the AC voltage of the equipment, main component is the primary coil, secondary winding of a transformer and iron core. power transformer specifications, main functions: voltage change, current change, impedance transformation, isolation, voltage regulator, etc.
  • Power Transformer consists of core and coil, coil has two or more than two windings, which connect power winding is called primary coil and the rest of the winding is the secondary coil. It can transform AC voltage, current and impedance. The simplest core transformer iron core made of a soft magnetic material and on the core set of two number of turns of the coil.
  • Difference between power transformer and distribution transformer, distribution transformer is one of the classification of the power transformer, according to the law of electromagnetic induction and transform AC voltage and current transmission power of a static electric communication. Operation in power distribution network, for 6 -35KV voltage level, directly to the terminal of power supply capacity of 6300 KVA and below, power distribution transformer, below 35 KV, most of them 10 kv and below) voltage grade of power transformer. Power supply are choose D/yn11 connection mode neutral directly grounded system operation mode, which can realize three phase four wire system power supply.
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scb10-series-3-2Oil-Immersed Transformer :  Rely on oil as cooling medium, such as oil-immersed natural cooling and oil-immersed forced-air cooling oil, oil immersion cooling, forced circulation, etc., the rise and fall of voltage in a three phase electrical distribution system­­ .According to the loss can be divided into the integrated performance, S9,S11, S13 series, compared with S11 series of power transformer no-load loss 20% lower than the integrated series, S13 series power transformer no-load loss S11 series that are lower than 25%.

  • Dry Type Transformer:  What is a distribution transformer ?  Core and winding don’t dip in the insulating oil. relying on the natural air convection cooling or increase the cooling fan, small capacity of the rise and fall of voltage in a three-phase system distribution transformer. what is a transformer used for? used for industrial and high-rise buildings, local lighting, electronic circuit, etc.
  • Power Transformer Related Product:

1)  Transformer Oil : Improve the dielectric strength. Rising oil cooling and heat dissipation effect, thermal expansion, through oil and convection, heat through the radiator out. Arc suppression effect, heat conduction performance is good, improve the arc extinguishing performance of medium. Ensure the normal operation of power & distribution transformer

2)  Transformer Oil Chromatogram On-Line Monitoring System, on-line monitoring oil-immersed power transformer, fault gases dissolved in transformer oil content and its growth rate, by fault diagnosis expert system, forecast the problems and information about transformers ,avoid equipment accidents, reduce the heavy losses, improve the reliability of power transformer operation. 

Match the Power Transformers Easily

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Power Transformer

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           < Oil-Immersed Power Transformer>

S11-Series-2                SZ11-Series-3                 S13-M-3

Oil-Immersed                    On-Load Regulating                         Full-Sealed


             < Dry Type Transformer >

 SCB10-Series-3                SCB11-Series                 SCBZ10-Series-1     

 6-15 KV Dry Type              20-38.5 KV              On_Load Regulating



SG(H)B-10-Series-3                 BK-Series

H Insulation                        Low Voltage Transformer


< Power Transformer Related >

Transformer-Oil-2                   184526

Transformer Oil               Transformer Oil Gas Analysis


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