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How To Select High Voltage

Potential Transformer   

6 Note of Voltage Transformer

  •      jdzj-10High Voltage Potential Transformer is an important element of power distribution system, the selection of High Voltage Potential Transformer is must understand the problems.
  • The selection of the product is reasonable, is related to the operation situation of power distribution system, there are many kinds of model, classification of High Voltage Potential Transformer.
  • Different models and classification of High Voltage Potential Transformer, its USES, installation method, structure is different.
  • Let’s to learn more about problems in the selection of High Voltage Potential Transformer.

1. Main Function of Potential Transformer

  • High Voltage Potential Transformer classification according to the use: protection type & measurement type.
  • With Potential Transformer protection: high voltage switch to electric power system secondary element (for example, microcomputer protection device, switch intelligent control device, instrument and meter, etc.) required for low voltage.
  • Measuring the effect of potential transformer: set up the measurement, collection and a circuit, the secondary loop voltage state of high voltage electricity.
  • When choose, should first clear the potential transformer, what is eventually action? If is protected, you choose to protect your potential transformer. If the measurement model ,is chosen to measure potential transformer.

2. Used For Indoor or Outdoor

  • If it is used for indoor, we must choose within the user type potential transformer.
  • if it is used in outdoor, you must choose outdoor potential transformer.

3. Voltage Grade of Power Supply System

  • Potential transformer according to the voltage level classification: divided into 4 grades.
  • Low voltage potential transformer is mainly on the voltage level of 1000 V and below.Outdoor-High-Voltage-Potential-Transformer
  • Medium voltage potential transformer is suitable for the rated voltage of 3 KV – 110 KV power distribution system.
  • HV potential transformer: used for 220-500KV class.
  • Ultra-High voltage potential transformer of 500 KV voltage class, you must choose extra-high voltage potential transformer
  • Choosing high voltage potential transformer, be sure to clear our voltage grade of power distribution system in which region, in accordance with the provisions, choose meets the requirements of potential transformer.

4. Clear Insulation Type

  • Insulation type is the place that we must seriously, if they choose wrong, will bring serious consequences to our electric power distribution system, so be sure to clear.
  • Potential transformer by insulation type classification: generally divided into two kinds, fully enclosed/semi-enclosed, although simple, but must be caused take seriously.

5. Insulating Medium Type

  • Voltage transformer according to the classification of dielectric: dry, pouring type, oil type, gas insulated type,
  • At the time of selection, be sure to find out, the voltage transformer which is one of the types, don’t make a mistake.

6. Conversion Principle of Potential Transformer

  • Transform principle categories: capacitive & electromagnetic
  • Electromagnetic potential transformer, in proportion to high voltage transform into the secondary equipment can use the low voltage.
  • Capacitive potential transformer, the main extraction from capacitor voltage.
  • Must be clear before the principle, type selection, in which the whole power distribution system more reliable, and can only be purchasing.

★  indoor-High-Voltage-Potential-TransformerPurchasing high voltage potential transformer, according to the above several principle of choose and buy, will certainly be convenient and save time.

★   More can guarantee the reliable and stable operation of power system, at the same time hope that the industry people, actively put forward their views and opinions.

 SZET Co,LDT will actively listen and absorb the views of users, make their own efforts for distribution industry.


How To Select High Voltage Potential Transformer

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