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With Prevent Wrong Operation Of 

H.V Metal Clad Switchgear

No Maintenance Medium Voltage Switchgear

KYN28-12 Series

◐  What is H.V Metal Clad Switchgear?

Metal Clad Medium Voltage Switchgear

No Maintenance Medium Voltage Switchgear

  • What is electrical switchgear? KYN28-12 Metal Clad Switchgear, rated medium voltage 3.6 kV ~ 12 kV three phase AC 50 (60)Hz, with high breaking capacity and low values of intercepting the VS1 type (or ABB VD4 type ) vacuum circuit breaker. electrical switch definition, vacuum circuit breaker as the main switch gear.
  • Metal Clad Switchgear, the power generation, transmission, distribution, conversion and energy consumption of On /Off, control & protection of the important high voltage switchgear.

◐ Why is KYN28-12?

       ▷   Widely UsedWhat is a switchgear? KYN28-12 Metal Clad Switchgear, receiving and distribution of electrical energy and the circuit for control, protection and detection, suitable for single busbar, single bus section system or double busbar system, metal enclosed switchgear widely used in electric power system of electrical substation, power plants, Industrial building and construction projects for high voltage electric distribution & switchgear solutions.

       ▷  Advanced Structure:   KYN28-12 Metal Clad Switchgear, medium voltage switchgear components of Cabinet Body and handcart. Cabinet Body by metal clapboard separates into 4 separate partition room: bus room , circuit breaker handcart room, cable room and relay control &instrument room. Metal Clad Switchgear of Vacuum circuit breaker for the Middle Position Type (circuit breaker, which is situated in the middle of the switchgear cabinet before), the expansion of the lower space savings can be used for other options or cable room.

        ▷  High Security:   KYN28-12 Metal Clad Switchgear, used electrl

H.V Metal Clad Switchgear

With Prevent Wrong Operation Of H.V Metal Clad Switchgear

switchgear easy, safe and reliable interlocking device: to prevent wrong operation circuit breaker, prevent loading and isolating switch, prevent charged hang ground wire, which prevent electric grounding switch, prevent with ground wire transmission. in switchgear medium voltage, includes high voltage circuit breaker, grounding switch,  mutual inductor, microcomputer protection device, etc. KYN28-12 Metal Clad Switchgear meet IEC298, IEC694 standards.




KYN28-12 H.V Metal Clad Switchgear

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