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Security&Stability Of HV Switchgear  

and Components

One-Stop Matching HV Switchgear And Components
  • HV Switchgear And Components is used in power system, power generation, transmission, distribution, conversion and energy consumption on and off, control or protection role.AC 50 HZ (60), in 3.6 kV ~ 35 kV voltage level of electrical equipment.
    H.V Metal Clad Switchgear

    With Prevent Wrong Operation Of H.V Metal Clad Switchgear

  • HV Switchgear And Components: high voltage isolating switch, grounding switch, high voltage load switch, high voltage automatic reclosing and section, circuit breaker, high voltage operating mechanism, microcomputer integrated protection device, instrument/meter and a few kinds big.
  • Components is mainly suitable for power plant and substation, power distribution, the petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, steel rolling, light textile, industrial enterprises and residential area, high-rise buildings and so on various occasions.
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  •   High Voltage Switchgear

1. H.V Metal Clad Switchgear              [such as:KYN28-12 ]

2. SF6 Ring Net Switchgear                   [such as:HXGN15-12 ]

  • First Electrical Components (Primary Loop) 

    High Voltage Current Transformer

    High Voltage Current Transformer

1. Current Transformer_ CT                [such as: LZZBJ9-10]

2. Voltage Transformer _ PT                [such as: JDZJ – 10]

3. Grounding Switch _                         [such as: JN15-12]

4. Arrester (RC Absorber) _

     [such as: HY5WS single-phase type; TBP, JBP combination]

5. Isolating Switch _       [such as: GN19-12, GN30-12, GN25-12]

6. HV Circuit Breaker _

        [such as: Less Oil type (S), Vacuum type (Z), SF6 type (L)]

7. Contactor _                         [such as: JCZ3-10 D / 400 A]

8. HV Fuse _                    [such as: 12, XRNP -12, RN1 RN2-12]

9. Load Switch_                  [such as: (L), FN16 FN26-12-12 (Z)]

  • Secondary Equipment 

    Transformer Protection Device

    Transformer Protection Device

1. Microcomputer Integrated Protection Device_

2. Instrument/Meter

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