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High-Tech Buried Box-Type Substation

Top 1 of Switch Current 1250 A/ 31.5 KA Brand


Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation.

  What is Timoo?

  • Timoo-18

    Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation.

    Timoo is SZET co., LTD has a national patent, independent research and development of Buried Box-Type Substation unique brand, is the pursuit of low carbon environmental protection, return to the artistic conception of nature.

  • Timoo, reminiscent of the cattle of innocent and lively children, riding on the back of a bull, with bamboo flute playing the wonderful, beautiful country music. Around him are endless, lush green wheat seeding. Blue sky, white clouds floating over the. The high mountain, dotted with smoke from the farmers. Quietly flowing river and hordes of duck, cheerful out slightly waves.This is what we want, the ideal natural idyllic life.
  • Timoo- Low carbon life, Return to nature. The creation of electrical equipment brands.

  Why is Timoo?

  • Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation,with its professional design concept, superb production technology and adapted to power grid intelligent performance.
  • Effectively solved the buried, enclosed outdoor electrical equipment rain (wet), heat dissipation and intelligent technical barriers.

    Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation

  • Used the international advanced professional experience of manufacturing complete sets of electrical equipment, guarantee the products safe and reliable performance.
  • Eliminating all kinds of unsafe factors caused by internal fault, Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation, its security, reliability and practicability are higher than that of traditional Box Substation and similar products,
  • Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation series production, power substation transformer capacity covering 25 kva—2000 kva, using parallel connection technology, power substation transformer capacity is 2500 kva.
  • Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation, the first to reach the high voltage switch rated current 1250A, rated short circuit breaking current 31.5 KA. Distribution equipment products brand .

  What is Timoo Used For?

A.  High-Rise Buildings

  1. Instead of the underground substation (Room).
  2. Saving 100 m²area,Can do a parking space or other land resources for sale, worth + 40K USD.
  3. There are 20 years uninterrupted commercial advertising revenue.
  4. Timoois free for your electrical equipment

B.  Municipal Construction

  1. Urban  (Commercial District) reformation, City street lamp lights (Public Transport Facilities) engineering.

    Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation

  2. Make the city beautiful,Light up the city.Improve the modern city of soft power.
  3. Timoo is the most rapid city image promotion, the best distribution of complete sets of electrical equipment.
  4. Can be used public welfare propaganda, Landscape display, cultural taste, business promotion, etc.

C.  Estate Living Community

  1. Timoo effectively reduces the noise of the power transformer and electromagnetic radiation, people live a healthier, more environmentally friendly.
  2. There are 20 years stable commercial advertising revenue.

Timoo is a kind of ideal new energy-saving, environmental protection power distribution equipment.
D.  Schools |Industrial Projects |Enterprises

  1. Both meet the demand of the power supply, and can increase the additional value.
  2. Such as commercial advertising, still can also be enterprise publicity, brand display, product promotion, publish the news, geographical iconic objects, etc.
  3. Greatly enhance the Enterprises image , Brand power and Product competitiveness.

E.  Highway|Railway

  1. Especially at night, Timoo is excellent Geographic& Aviation markers.
  2. The security electricity power supply, Commercial advertising revenue.

    Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation

  3. Don’t need staff on duty, scientific management, reduce the energy consumption and improve the work efficiency.

F.  Tourism Scenery District

  1. Advanced, practical and reasonable power supply, product publicity, commercial advertising, enhance brand image.
  2. Beauty & light scenic spot, formed a unique scenery line, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of tourism scenic district ,etc

G.  Invite the Hero

  • Welcome to the Hero,To provide more development and application for Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation.


High-Tech Buried Box-Type Substation

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