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Golf Cart is Not Only on the Pitch

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Golf cart, is designed for golf course design and development of environmentally friendly passenger vehicles.Can also be used in the resorts, villas, garden hotel, scenic spots, etc.From the golf courses, villas, hotels, schools to private users, will be a short-distance transport.

☆  Characteristics 



  • Front axle and rear axle: McPherson independent suspension.Composite front suspension system, good damping performance, drive steady, ride comfort;Rear suspension USES the steel plate spring suspension with high resilience, high bearing plate spring design, the suspension system can increase driving the indoor space, improve the vehicle steering stability.
  • Low ground, convenient, small turning radius, flexible manipulation, and USES the vacuum wide tires
  •  Golf cart, load performance is superior, the road smooth turbulence force is small, comfort.
  • Steering system: the height and slope of the steering wheel is adjustable.
  • Electrical, instrumentation monitoring system.Red dashboard transmitted light, electronic speed odometer pulse sensor type, the overall control combination instrument, equipped with multi-function index.
  • comfortable device: event window, equipped with crank, emergency shut down.
  •  Golf cart is the battery power, speed, in 18 to 24 kilometers an hour.
  • Golf cart, design using 3 d simulation, according to the human body engineering design, driving, comfort, not fatigue.Master control system, control system adopts imported under-voltage protection, speed function.

☆ Performance

  • Golf car models can be divided into two, four, six, eight types, such as
  • Golf car climbing ability is stronger, generally 25% or higher, this feature on the golf course is convenient, the motion of the free, can travel 80 km on a single charge is complete, the biggest can travel 100 km above.
  • Golf car is the battery power, speed, in 18 to 24 kilometers an hour.
  • Electric golf cart accelerator is infinitely variable speed system, no gear, the speed of the adjustment according to the current size.

☆  Basic Rule


  • Golf cart when use shall not exceed the rated capacity of the factory rules.
  • Without the approval of the manufacturer shall not make any changes on the design, and shall not impose any object in the car, so as not to affect the vehicle’s capability and safety operation.
  • Configuration change due to different components (such as batteries, tires, seats, etc.) caused by the changes, shall not be less security and operator of golf cart specification requirements.

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Golf cart is not only on the pitch

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  • June 16, 2015 at 2:10 am

    GOLF Car is good!

  • July 12, 2015 at 8:41 am

    Comment je peux acheter ce produit ?


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