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How Much is Price FOB?
1. Home >Products> Secondary Directory,Choose Product Category of interest to you..,
2. Click on the image button below > Single Page
3. Download Free PDF Technical Documents
4. Refer to technical parameters, tell us you need the actual value
5. Fill in the Product Inquiry form Or provide a simple product value
6.We will match the complete FOB Price and Quotation, it's FREE.


How Do I Buy Products?
You Only Need to Complete 2, 3 Steps,Let's Do the Rest.

1.  Price

         FOB(Free on Board)    CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight)
2.  Order
Sign PI/PO the purchase Contract, the name of commodity, specifications, quantity, price, packing, origin, time of shipment and terms of payment, the method of payment, claim and arbitration agreement.
3.  Payment Terms:
L/C,      T/T ,   PayPle.
4.  Stock
Check the main contents are as follows: 1, Goods quality and specifications.  2, Quantity of the goods, ensure to meet the contract or L/C 3, The goods time:  shipment arrangement
5.  Packing
 The goods is different, choose the packing form.
6.  Customs Clearance
The customs offices for handling the formalities of customs clearance
7.  Shipment
The way of how to decide the shipment and insurance
8.  Transportation Insurance
Marine cargo transportation insurance, airmail cargo transportation insurance
9.  Bill of lading
By sinotrans company and check out, for the importers, the foreign exchange settlement document used to pick up the goods
10.  Foreign Exchange Eettlement
Submit a bank for negotiation of the foreign exchange settlement procedures


The Customs Handling Time is How Long?
1. Complete sets of electrical equipment, such as Power Transformer, Switchgear, etc., need 10-15 days
2. Components.,Instrument, etc., need 7- 10 days
3.Other Goods,need 10-15 days

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