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Buried Box-Type Substation Technology Innovation

Timoo | Save Space 70% + To Create High Profits


Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation.

  How Timoo to Do?

  • Timoo-21

    Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation

    Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation series production, covering 25KVA—2000 KVA power transformer capacity, using parallel connection technology, transformer substation capacity is 2500 KVA

  • Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation, the first to reach the high voltage switch rated current 1250 A, rated short circuit breaking current 31.5 KA. Brand distribution equipment products.
  • Saving 100 m²space,Can do a parking space or other land resources for sale, worth + 40K USD.
  • There are 20 years uninterrupted commercial advertising revenu.

  What is Timoo Technology Innovation?

  1. Close to The Load Center ▬  Sharply reduce the dosage of low voltage cable installation and reduce the loss of line.
  2. The Integration of The Local Environment Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation,Can be designed into a variety of landscape, improve visual effect.
  3. Cover an Area &The Space Small ▬ Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation,Than traditional box-type substation change the surface being a little more than 70% +.
  4. Power Transformer Into the Ground ▬ Played a shielding effect, effectively reduce the noise and electromagnetic radiation.
  5. Power Transformer Room is Equipped With a Dedicated Channel.

    Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation

a. Ventilation & heat dissipation, power transformer to release pressure.

b.  Maintenance channel▁Equipped with automatic drainage and alarm.

c. Automatic exhaust cooling system▁Configuration of mechanical and electrical interlocking device, ensure the interlocking structure by mistake.

d. Put an end to a charged into the may cause of personal danger.

6.  High & Low Voltage Switchgear  ▬ Have a separate isolation room, and is equipped with independent ventilation cooling channel and forced ventilation system.

7.  Buried Power Transformer ▬ Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation,Protection grade IPX8, can meet the conditions of temporary underwater operation.

8.  Installation is Convenient ▬ Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation,The overall product modularity for the factory, with complete.

9.  LED Box Advertising Design ▬ Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation ,Extra income 20 years of uninterrupted commercial advertising revenue.






Buried Box-Type Substation Technology Innovation

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