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Buried Box-Type Substation Analysis 

 Timoo|With Long-Term Advertising Revenue 


☆  What is Timoo?

Buried Box-Type Substation-6

Buried Box-Type Substation

  • With the continuous improvement of people’s life quality requirements, more and more is also high to the requirement of Living environment,
  • Buried Box-Type Substation is safe, convenient, the characteristics of energy-saving, environmental protection, to create high-quality goods of the green environmental protection.
  • Building residential area provide excellent distribution system solutions.
  • SZET  Co., LTD. Brand products – Timoo (Buried Box-Type Substation) variable well satisfy the new demand of the market.

Timoo|Buried Box-Type Substation

 For the needs of the development of city and was born, fashion trends Buried Box-Type Substation, on the basis of traditional products technology.For further development and perfection, complete sets of power distribution electrical equipment.

 Underground part covers an area of less than 6-10 m², ground part accounts for less than 3 m,² and can be installed in gardens and green belts.

Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation , can reduce the area ,civil engineering cost, etc., more can improve the taste of residential area.

Save space, can be used as a Parking sales, it is a great wealth, the equivalent of Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation is free.

 Timoo | Buried Box-Type Substation, service life period of 20 years, can be long-term stability of the huge advertising revenues.

☆ Traditional Products

Buried Box-Type Substation -10

Buried Box-Type Substation

 Covers an area of at least 10-20 m ², power room, are more likely to take up 70-100 m², in real estate development project, this covers a large proportion.

 Especially in upscale neighborhood, usually set aside large piece of land.To build power room or to install traditional product, so virtually occupied the developer’s huge assets, but also cannot solve the concerns of surrounding residents.

Traditional transformer installed above the ground, the electromagnetic radiation harm, noisy, ornamental performance is bad,

most of the traditional products, closer to the residents cannot load center installation, the power distribution scheme using low voltage cable length, more than the installation Timoo use of low voltage cable, so the line loss is bigger.


Buried Box-Type Substation Analysis

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